16 Apr

Assalamualaikum and good day to all readers. this is my first post. i decided to get involved in blogging after i watch a video from youtube tonight… i want  TO express my feeling of sadness- a muslim left islam… WHY??? i listen to her reasons of why she left islam, it was really unacceptable. let me tell you my brothers and sisters, we, Muslim nowadays are weak. we are easily get confused by those want to look islam fell down. we should not be influenced and get confused by them easily. the way to avoid is back to Al-Quran and As-sunnah. InsyaAllah, we will BE guided by HIM as along as we follow these two guides. we have to always make ourselves close to ALLAH, pray five times on time, recite AL-QURAN everyday, go to islamic classes, attend TAZKIRAH, USRAH, etc to improve our IMAN. always make a friends with the religious people and stay away from bad friends. by doing these thinGs, InsyaAllah we will not get confused and this situation WILL NOT happen. i’m also not a very kind person but when looking to this video, my heart was hurt. this make me want to share all these staffs to all my brothers and sisters so that this king of thing will not happen anymore later on. keep reminding between each other so that we aware about it all the times.

improve our Iman(faith) everytimes so that we wil not get easily confused and cheated that easily, always pray Taubah NAsuha and refer to religious teacher about religious book that you read- in order to make the explanation of the contents more clear so no misunderstanding later on… “THOSE WHO READ ALONE WITHOUT GUIDENCE MEANS THEY ARE LEARNT FROM SYAITAN”.. I think everyone know about it.. so once we have strong basic fundemental about islam and try to keep on improving our iman everytimes, InsyaAllah this kind of situation(muratd) is will not happen… the consequence of Murtad(muslim who left islam) is heavy punishment.. killed.. but the the individual will be asked to repent first…. huh.. other people will question- why they are forced to back into islam and if not they will killed?? don’T Islam has no force in its religion???? this kind of question will be used by those who want to accuse Islam as terrorist religion… so my brothers and sisters please to answer their questions wisely and if you don’t know how to explain to them, let someone to talk to them (USTAZ,ustazah,religious people)..

so i would like to remind to all muslim scholars, be strong and please keep islam in your heart so that we will not waver even once.. hope we all are protected and blessed by ALLAH.. AMIN..

this link of muslim left islam on youtube is not for humiliation but for us to take a lesson so that we will not follow the same path as them.. you can evaluate what their reasons yourself but do not get confused please…. please protect other muslim scholers too..

here also are link about case in malaysia of murtad… please help our brothers and sisters

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Posted by on April 16, 2011 in Luahan hati


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