Taubat Nasuha

17 Apr

sins…. all people commit sins either on purpose or not. we always have a feeling that we want to avoid from wrongdoing. but we lack of courage that enable our desire to control us. it is undeniable that this world is advancing and lots of technological devices and instrument that make us easier in accessing the world net. internet is one of the fastest way to find and searh all kind of things and informations. it is also a fastest way to commit many sins. but we cannot easily put blame on the internet because its original purpose of being invented and developed is to help us in our daily work.

however some of us use that service for improper purposes; cheating, hacking, and widespread of dirty thinking. there is no need for me to explain more detailed on how the internet can be abused. everyone has known it already. these are the main reasons why nowadays there is a lot of crime happened compared to the past. my roommate told me yesterday that he watched a news about a girl was raped by her boy classmates in her class during a break time. can you imagine how such incident can happened that involved merely secondary school students!!!! the girl is an orphan and actually she has been raped for many times before. but because of feeling ashamed, she just kept on quiet. how cruel the boys… but who should be blamed?

sins can be committed in many ways, not only through the internet. it is up to us to chose  for doing it or not. i am very sad and sorry to society nowadays. where is their ‘iman’ and ‘taqwa’ gone? the case of abortions and babies are killed and thrown away like a rubbish is frequently we heard.  most of the cases involved our muslim people. i hope we can think and analyze ourself, improve our “iman” and ask our friends too. i’m not saying that i am perfect, but i did this because i feel i have to. as human being we could not run from making mistakes. however we have to keep on improving in order to become a better individual in the world and hereafter.

so we have to repent all the times. we cannot say that we are perfect. nobody’s perfect. let us return to a right path. if one keeps repeating sins, then one should find the root causes and eliminate them. Willing to God, our repentance would be accepted and put all our effort for not repeating the same mistakes and sins again. may Allah bless us.

The Conditions for Repentance

The conditions for repentance are well known:

  1. Leaving the sin;
  2. Remorse over having committed the sin;
  3. Resolve never to return to the sin;
  4. (If it relates to the rights of another person, then to) Return the rights or property one wrongly took. [al-Bariqa fi Sharh al-Tariqa; Riyad al-Salihin]

” Writing To Initiate Desire”

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